Byzantine Chapels, Fountains V.Markaris Βυζαντινά προκάτ εκκλησάκια - Αποστολές σε όλη την Ελλάδα

We guarantee the safe transportation throughout Greece.

Markaris V. Company

Markaris Vasilleios company are constructing and selling traditional Byzantine style chapels. In our exhibition place, you can see and enjoy chapels in different dimensions and different designs.
The transportation is guaranteed by our company all around Greece.

  • High quality construction.
  • Transportation throughout Greece.
  • Large variety in Prefabricated Churches, Small Chapels & Fountains
Προκατασκευασμένα Εκκλησάκια

Prefabricated Churches

Traditional Byzantine style chapel in various designs and dimensions. The chapel could have murals inside ,  stone lining outside, decorative bricks etc.

Μικρά Εκκλησάκια Μ17

Small Chapels

Decorative items for the balcony, courtyard and garden…



Stone Fountains for garden or balcony…

We Supply


We have a great variety in Prefabricated Churches of Byzantine style.


Prefabricated high quality construction, with stone exterior coverings and hagiographies inside the Temples

Safe Transport

The Byzantine churches manufactured by BM are safely transported to any part of Greece.

Byzantine Churches, Small Chapels, Fountains
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